Translations are a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. Many goods and products are supplied with multilingual operating instructions or manuals.

Not uncommonly, these make for amusing reading, although they often fail to tell the reader what he/she actually wants to know, and in the worst cases can be totally incomprehensible.

Translations are not made by simply rendering a text into another language word for word; one needs to have a deep understanding of the cultural background of the language user, of day-to-day life in the country concerned, and of how people converse with one another there.

A translator must abide by the principle of remaining as faithful as possible to the original, whilst making as many concessions as necessary to the end user.

But if a professional working woman is branded a ‘working girl’,

or a good-natured manager from Germany is described to his Russian business partner as ‘good-looking’, or a

serious business partner is introduced to his Russian host as an austere business partner while, conversely, a serious problem arising in Russia is presented to the German reader as a humourless problem;

if Russians or Czechs confuse tendering proceedings and winding-up proceedings,

if a Russian responds to the enquiry, “How do you do?” with the answer ‘Lagging behind’ instead of ‘Fine, thanks’,

then something has gone very awry with the translation.

In order to ensure that your texts don’t provoke frowns, laughter or even incomprehension in your target readers, we only work with well-trained translators with many years of professional experience, and who have convinced us personally of their ability.

Every translation is checked in-house to ensure that the figures are correct and nothing has been omitted. Translations into German are proofread.

Texts which will have a broad public impact, such as advertisements, are always revised by a second translator.

This ensures that you get what you have a right to expect – a top quality translation!

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