Fees are calculated based on the number of standard lines. One standard line comprises 55 characters including spaces. The number of lines is counted by computer in the target language.Our fees vary between € 1,30 and € 2,10 per standard line plus VAT.
Depending on the language, we charge € 5.00 to € 10.00 for the certification stamp of a sworn translator.
The cost per line depends on a number of factors, such as the language combination, subject area, type of text and where it is to be used (for instance in advertising brochures), as well as the degree of urgency.
For a more precise quotation, we advise you to send the complete text to us in advance, or at least a few representative pages of it.
If you wish us to quote a fixed price, we must be sent the complete text so that we can make you a binding offer.
It goes without saying that your documents will be treated as confidential; after all, we would like to develop a long-term working relationship with you.
Proofreading: € 40.00 per hour
Interpreting: € 40.00 to € 85.00 per hour (depending on subject area and language)
Daily rates: Once we know the precise details of the work involved, we will be happy to provide a quotation.

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